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Jung Ji Hoon → Sexy chest.

February 2013

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Jung Ji Hoon → Sexy chest.

Something that caught my attention. Yes, it's YunJae :)

 This is from a book my sister bought a couple of years ago xD. It's called: The Power Of Birthdays, Stars, & Numbers.

Okay, lets starts with Jung Yunho.

Birthday: Feburary 6, 1986 

Postive: Wordly, universal brotherhood, friendly, compassionate, dependable, understanding, sympathetic, idealistic, domestically inclined, humanitarian, poised, artistic, balanced

Negative: disconected, shy, unreasonable, stubborn, outspoken, disharmonious, perfectionist, domineering, lack of responsibilty, suspicious, cynical, self-centered, interfering

Love & Relationship;

You are usually attracted to people who can keep up with your steam of ideas and enthusiasm or those who are inventive and succesful in their own right. When you find someone to love, you can be full of eagerness and willingness to contribute to the relationship. Drawn toward intelligent people, you need a clever and informed partner. Your charismatic personality ensures that you will have many friends and social contacts. Marriage and stability are often important elements in your view of life.

Your special someone ( you may find happines and comapnionship with people born on the following dates;

Okay, there were a lot of dates there, but the one that caught my attention was the date listed under: Love & Friendship. It is date Feb 4.
I guess you know who's birthday that belongs to? -wink-.

Next: Han Jaejoong.


Real birthday: Februrary 4, 1986

Positive: well organized, self- disciplined, steady, hardworking, craftsmanship, good with your hands (X3), pragmatism, trusting, exact

Negative: unstable, destructive behavior, uncommunicative, repressed, lazy, unfeeling, procrastination, too emotional, bossy (Yunho did say he wants someone to lead him xD), resentful

Love & Relationship;

Although you appear easygoing and amiable, you have to be careful not to be bossy or domineering. Your friendship and romantic aspiration may well be connected with your career ambitions. Usually you are attracted to leaders or powerful people with social connections. Loyal and responsible, you can be a tower of strength to those around you.

Like Yunho's birthday says, that he has a lot of friends (You know just how much Jaejoong envies his friends), and social contacts, Jaejoong's say, that you are attracted to powerful people with social connections xD.

And the one that made me smile was this one: You are attracted to leaders... just who is a leader? Jung Yunho X3.

I liked this one very, oh, so very much: Your friendship and romantic aspration may well be connected with your career ambitions *_* 


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Omg baby! I was smiling like a fool!!! :D post this on youngwonhi!! The girls will have a field day with this!
How interesting... xD
Indeed ^-^
YunJae makes you all giggly like, huh?
*squee* even the stars say they're for each other! actually, even before i already believed they're like one of those star-crossed lovers. (like romeo & juliet--true love but forbidden). i never told anyone though because they'd call me ridiculous but i did believe it hahaha (i'm such a sap/hopeless romantic!). dayum, i should be an astrologer loljk. this really cheered me up because i was having a bad day. i really love this♥ thanks ;3
The starts never lie. I agree with you; true love but forbidden because of very close minded people -narrows eyes-. No need to be shy, honey. I am here in case you want to talk about YunJae and what you think about them :,). No, you are not hopeless romantic because YunJae is real X3. Astrology seems really fun, maybe I should buy myself more books about it. I'm glad it did :) And you are welcome.

Btw, your icon is very cute! .^-^.
cant stop smilin like crazy (i'm at work rn, kkkkk)
Haha. Make sure your bosses don't catch you~
i usually take astrology with a grain of salt, because a lot of the things they way are generalized and can apply to any person one time or another. buuuuuuut, when i see it like this, it makes me smile and tell my inner skeptic to shut up. :) thanks for sharing~
LOL. You tell your inner skeptic to shut up~

You are welcome.
omg.. seriously.. i need to read that book for myself.. maybe i could discover something about myself..
who's the author of the book?
-first thing in my head while reading this-

and then i could not stop smiling.. they're destined to each other, even when they themselves denied it.

They denied it? I don't think so.

And as for the author of the book, I have no idea. I will look for the name later.
Very interesting... :) -> :D:D:D:D -> XDDD. VERY INTERESTING indeed...
I don't think perfectionist is a negative point, it should a positive point.

I remember a writer in Winglin had posted that according to one of fortune teller, Yunho & Jae is belong together (fate to be a couple even there will be lots of difficulties).
Actually I agree with you.

Yeah, I read one as well. Yunho and Jaejoong do belong together, but not everything is going to be easy for them.
I am glad you love this! YunJae forever! >D
oh cute!
even in astrology,yunjae is compatible..♥
IKR? Astrology is something very... awesome? YunJae is very compatible~
hahaha I like this and very interesting.
I can't stop giggling while read this.
thanks for sharing,dear.
Astrology is veryy interesting.
No problem.
Omg!!!!! Erm do I have a chance wt yunnie? My bday is 1st feb '86
Sorry, but no xD.
i'm smiling like a fool
I don't believe in astrology but it's yunjae astrology what we are talking about! XD.. I do believe in yunjae astrology soo much! Thank you for sharing~
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