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Jung Ji Hoon → Sexy chest.

February 2013

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Jung Ji Hoon → Sexy chest.

Pain go away.

 Title: Pain go away.
Rating: PG14
Summary: Yunho just wants the pain to go away.
Warnings: Mentions of suicide? Attempted suicide?
Paring: YunJae/Jaeho, but it's Yunho centric.
Length: ?

Pain go away;

Yunho crumbled onto the floor of the shared bathroom with Chagmin. Tears flowing down his cheeks like a waterfall. His gasps the only noise in the apartment. He clutched his head harder in his palms, as if trying to block the insults thrown at him, and the youngest.

The blame of not being able to keep his brothers together. Of betraying them for not joining them in the lawsuit. Of brainwashing Changmin's mind into not joining them. The constant blaming of fans towards his father for not letting Yunho decide his own decisions.

He had been the strongest: always smiling despite the sadness eating at his soul. The nights were he could do nothing but to hear in agony as Changmin cried himself to sleep. The sadness of his lover's voice when he called and told him that he loved him despite everything.

Feeling a strong migraine coming on, not wanting to deal the pain, he stood up, dazed, and grabbed a hold of some prescribed medicine for his migraines. Not thinking, not counting, he popped some in his mouth.

He just wanted the pain to go away. The plastic bottle fell from his hand, into the trash. His world spinning. Clutching his head he walked to his bedroom. Suddenly gravity left his body and he heavily fell on the bed. His body bounced up.

He stared at the ceiling as numbness took over his body. Soon darkness took over. He just wants the pain to go away.

AN: I just wanted to write this. I felt in the mood for something sad. I was (weirdly) inspired to write this because of a TV show I watched earlier. It's called Teen Suicide. I know, weird, but I couldn't help it ;~; It's almost twelve in the night so excuse my grammar? Comments are loved.


Omfg GrI!!!
Dx you broke my heart!

Make a happy sequel Dx nah, jk. Ilu, but damnnnn
Good. That's good. That was the whole idea :,D

You know I suck at writing sequels D:

Thank you for reading and commenting.
oy..... Why?????? *sobs* anw i choose to believe that yunnie didnt die....
Because he is your bias ;) (mine too). Did he die? I don't know. I already wrote kind of like the second part to it? :o

Thank you for reading and commenting.
oh god.. Yun oppa.. Poor him.. I hope he's fine.. Please write a sequal.. I want 2 know wht will happen.. It's nice 2 read yun like this.. Usually it would b jae or junsu.. It's a nice change..
Poor Yunho :( Who knows how he will be. I kind of wrote the second part to this, I just don't know when I will be able to update. Maybe later tonight. Yeah. I'm tired of Jaejoong being the one who is weak. Yunho is the leader, easy target ;)

Thank you for reading and commenting.
so sad. but well who knows this happen irl:(
Yeah. I hope it didn't... YunYun ): OMG. Your HoMin icon! Those two need more love <3

Thank you for reading and commenting.
really sad :( but well written
Indeed. Thank you :)
wooah.... i hope that will not happen in real life...
but seeing yunho crumbled down like that, my feeling crumbles too...
I think it was too short to be really heartbreaking. *gets bricked*
Sure it's sad, but... I don't know. *gets bricked again.*

It was really good and well written! ^^
The thing I liked the most was when you're talking about the 'fans part'.

Thanks for this and, yes it's a drabble ^^
Merci! <3

It is short, but I already wrote the second part to this. It's in my journal I just don't know when I will post it here in my LJ. Maybe later tonight.

Well written? You think so? -gasp- Thank you!
The fans part was my favorite to write :D

Thank you for reading and commenting.
Merci ? Well, that was unexpected xDD

Okay, but I yhink it didn't need a sequel to this act xD *sigh* people don't like angst u.u
very well written! thank you! =)

i deeply admire them for being so strong in real life. i mean, you heard the story about antis following them around? ugh, just ugh...
No, thank you! <3

Me too; this two need more love. Antis have nothing to do. I would bitch slap someone if they even touched a mini hair on either Min or Yun </3 D:
so saaaad mini yunyun T__T
its just so damn relevant.
Mini JaeJoong :P
But I can't write, not as good as you /: But, I'm practicing... practice makes perfect, no? :)

Thank you for reading and commenting.
YUN, PABO! >.<
please don't do this in real life.
YunYun pabo indeed D<
He won't... he better not or I will be very depressed for the rest of my life.

Thank you for reading and commenting.
why you did that??
Ay, Yunho!

Thank you for reading and commenting.
Oh nooooo. *hugs Yunnie bear*
(oh yes, thanks for the add bb~ *snuggles you*)

God... poor Yunnie and Minnie. And JYJ of course. Still, Yunnie be strong, you can't die before your dad (whut?!)